Remote Online Notarization

New Jersey Approved Remote Online Notarization (RON) and Electronic Notarization

Is remote notarization legal in New Jersey?

Yes, Assembly 4250 was enacted and takes effect on October 22, 2021. Under the new bill, NJ Notaries can apply to perform remote notarizations for signers located anywhere within or outside the state so long as the Notaries themselves are physically located within New Jersey at the time of the notarization.

Many people confuse E-Notary with Remote Notary, believing they are the same. They are not.

When using the Remote feature, each person involved in the transaction is currently required to have either FireFox or Google Chrome when using Windows, the latest Safari on latest Mac OS, Chrome on Android, and if using IOS such as IPad or IPhone it must be iOS 11 or higher with Safari version 11 or higher. This feature will not work without the correct browser respective to the device.

Each participant will be required to have their identity verified through a verification process using a third party provider to enable these services. There is a fee for each request made for verification that the participant is responsible for.

The notary must vet each signer, and if the signers do not answer all question with yes, they will not be able to pass the ID verification as the third party providers usually only have data on U.S. citizens only.

Only after you have successfully completed ID Verification, our system then connects you and us by videoconference (recorded) on our web-based audio/visual platform.

The Notary will process the documents, affix the Seal, and make a record of the signing with you on the audio/video connection.

Laurence Rosenberg RON service is 7 days a week. Schedule your RON today for the ease of having your documents notarized from your home or place of employment.

Due to time and technology fees, RON does have additional costs technology and administrative fees which are the responsibility of the customer.